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My Top Ten...Favorite Songs

Contributor: Charlie D.

10. Good Old Fashioned Loverboy - QUEEN

This Queen song has a very nice piano piece and I really enjoy the chords. It's a romantic rock song and Freddie Mercury pulls it off pretty well.

9. All Apologies - NIRVANA

One of Nirvana's slower and mellow songs. I love Nirvana but I especially love that side of them.

8. Bullet with a Butterfly - THE SMASHING PUMPKINS

I really enjoy 90s grunge/rock and this song shows that off really well. It's very unique and different than a lot of rock.

7. Helter Skelter - THE BEATLES

A great Beatles song that is very different than a lot of their popular songs. It's more aggressive and loud, which I like because it's different.

6. The Battle of Evermore - LED ZEPPELIN

A lot of songs by them talk about Tolkein's writings like The Lord of the Rings (which are some of my favorite books/movies) and this song is said to show one of the best parts of the story. It also has a mandolin which is a very interesting instrument.


This song is just so fun in general and has so many instruments and even a choir. It's also from one of my favorite movie soundtracks, Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2.

4. Fade to Black - METALLICA

Even if you don't metal or hard rock, you have to give Metallica credit for how talented they are. This song in particular shows their talent with the guitar playing. This is definitely my favorite guitar piece.

3. Death on Two Legs - QUEEN

Queen has so many incredible songs, but this one is definitely my favorite. It's a very strange song that pulls so much of Queen's unique sounds together.

2. Hotel California - EAGLES

This is an all around great song. The meaning is a mystery to many rock fans but the guitar and the lyrics are so iconic.

1.Stairway to Heaven - LED ZEPPELIN

This 8 minute song by my all-time favorite band is amazing. It has so many rock elements to it, starting off very slow and bursting out with Jimmy Page's guitar solo to full on rock and roll. Also, I love playing this on guitar.

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