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5 Songs That Make Me REALLY Happy

Contributors: Gabby P.

Here’s a list of 5 songs that make me happy/that I like and why:

5.You’ll be back-Jonathan Groff: This is one of my favorite songs from Hamilton because it’s so catchy and fun, and I especially like watching it be performed in Hamilton!

4.The Only Reason-by 5 Seconds of Summer: I love this band because they’re so fun to listen and sing along to, and this is one of my favorite songs by them!

3.My Future-by Billie Eilish: I love all of Billie Eilish’s music and she has a great voice, but this is one of her new songs and I love how unique it is.

2.Godspeed-by Frank Ocean: I recently started listening to Frank Ocean, but I love this song because it’s so powerful and his voice sounds so good in it.

1.Falling-by Harry Styles: Harry Styles is one of my favorite singers, and I love this song so much because he has such a great voice and I think this song has a lot of meaning behind it because it seems deeper than his other songs.

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